We want to make it clear that we are the brand that supports gender freedom, that no matter the color, complexion, preferences and tastes, we are free like you.

Welcome to Boysgirls collection, with special collaboration artist Bibiana and Iñaki from PUTA who decontextualize a word that binds women for decades to the exclavity that we are determined to break.

Puta means female prostitute and someone's profession, that would not exist without its clients, shouldn't have become a term to belittle women. I want you to wear clothing with the word PUTA on it because I want you to be very aware that no one can justify disrespecting or mistreating you, because of how you choose to dress or who you fuck. I want you to know that your body is a beautiful, tender vessel and it is YOURS. If in the past you've felt like you've lost control or someone dared to touch what you didn't want to be touched, you remain pure and I celebrate your healing process no matter how long it might take. Sex doesn't make you dirty and there is no shame in feeling sexy in your own skin and showing off. We've been structured to look down upon vanity because liking yourself means having power, and they fear that. I want you to wear the word Puta because you're gonna start seeing how uncomfortable it makes some people, grant them the patience that they might not deserve and explain what it means to wear that word, tell them you're tired of subordinating to the ideals of a society that needs to change, maybe they'll be receptive or maybe they'll just be angry that a pretty face is wearing such an ugly word.


Photo X @Jaimemartinezzz

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