Tour Maya

Tour Maya

Year 2017 has arrived full of big changes, fears and mixed feelings about the lack of morality and tolerance from our "American" neighbour to the world. To Mexico.

USA chose for President the "political" representative of racism and intolerance (among others), and so grows a collective fear we haven't been able to escape.

Those facts have inspired PAY'S for the new capsule collection: looking for solutions from the root, a reencounter with ancestral wisdom and knowledge; a re-interpretation of nationalism, remembering its magic and cosmology by strengthening our identity, from the brand's fun and creative point of view.

The Tour Maya capsule collection features 10 pieces : you'll find Pay's classic ponchos, but it's also the launching of PAY's Flat, the home line of the brand; and a special handmade Tie Dye edition of 50 sweaters only. The collection is made for spring, with finer and thinner textures, in addition to our very first knitted tank tops.

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